Sincerely, Corinne Layton

My Best Creation! My Son Justin & Mommy

Shocking, I know! It was for me too, Believe Me! So after the last page, You see the intensity of our Married Life, My 747 Captain was now known as my Husband, I don't think that went over well!  Everything took off so fast & furious, in the middle of my career, I was now facing a Divorce after a 15 year wonderful Marriage  & Relocation to Arizona. It was all just so much to deal with, But I can say because I never drank, did drugs or anything to escape the trauma, I was able to move forward unscathed with the Lord's Strength supporting me within.  I can tell you from experience, there is no depth that He is not deeper still! My X remarried about 18 years ago & lives on the Hudson somewhere, I was blocked from contact many years ago, with him & his children I raised, I have been alone this year, 23 years in Arizona, But the Lord has been faithful to me in everyway possible. I live in perfect health, haven't been to a Doctor in 40 years, just eat well, & consume multiple Vitamins. I consider Bob Barefoot of the Coral Calcium Fame, my Physician, It will cure 4th stage Cancer, I believe it, I am never sick & don't seem to age, It is quite shocking! But that's another story. I have been able to accomplish everything thus far, the Lord has inspired within me, as an Artist. Let it all be a Testimony to His Love & Grace in a Life Obedient to Him!

With that, Let me introduce you to the some of Many Artist Dolls during this period of my Life & Career!

One of a kind Porcelain Artist Dolls 

by Corinne Layton

  • And Winter Came3:15

That's as much as I would like to share about this. Except with Herbalife  Thermogetics, when Ephedra was still in it, exersizing, eating very little, & riding my Arabian horse Salute, I dropped from a size 14 when I left Minnesota after the Divorce to a size Zero in 6 Months in Arizona in a healthy way. What continued, was my Art Career, I have fought like a Suffrugette to Dream the Impossible Dream, as a single Woman, in a very difficult Man's World. My hair was dark like this for about 5 years, been a blonde again for the past 18 years, so most of my readers will have missed this transition, but I felt it was definitly worth sharing, I became obsessive creatively in the Artist Doll & Painting Markets between Arizona, California, & the Collectible Shows in Chicago, until they ended.