The more I thought about the idea, I was sure it was the perfect direction to move into within the company, Being Goal Oriented, it fit perfect with everything else. Hawthorne Architectural Structures, a division of The Bradford Exchange, as was Ashton Drake, where I was designing Sculpted Prototypes then Porcelain costumed Originals for the Dolls. So Blessed to own the Designs of everything I created for the Company, so I could continue to Provide the designs for my own Company at the time without a conflict of Interest. Once Again Amazed at what the Lord was doing through me.

Victoriana, came quite by Surprise. It was not a direction even on my radar. But what a Blessing it Became! One day I called the Project Manager I was working with for Ashton Drake Dolls, to see what ,if anything was happening for a new Series.  She said to me, "We noticed you have added Cotswold English Cottages to your Third Plate Series Background. Would you be interested in doing Resin English Cottages with small figurines attached?"


Blessings to you while you visit and Read the Story I Wrote about VICTORIANA!   Also, Be sure to visit the other 9 pages above now completed

As you can imagine, this new Concept, was quite a Wonderful Challenge!  They basically wanted House Concept Paintings, so I wouldn't have to paint Elaborate Thomas Kinkade Style Paintings, Just the structures with the people I would like in them. As with everything I do a tremendous amount of research, after all the designs had to be unique, not copies of anything already out there. So I studied and applied my ability to improvise, to design all the elements, I liked, in different True Victorian Homes from the early 1900's. But structurally they needed to be realistic. It was so much fun! Then I decided to write a story to go with each house, for added character to the new Village I was now Developing, VICTORIANA, I decided to name it. The salesperson in me, also thought that it would be good for add on sales! :) "Oh my Gosh, I am now a Architectural Developer" Lord, you never cease to amaze me with what your plans are! So on this Page I mainly will focus on the 1st one, May Cottage, which I named after my Great Aunt Mabel, who was my greatest Artistic Support growing up, & also Dedicated to our recent trip to Cape May New Jersey, which I was enthralled with! All the Most Beautiful Original Victorian Houses in America!

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Very Humbled by being asked, I replied " Thomas Kinkade was already doing those?" But I would be interested in doing Victorian Houses with the figurines attached, as no one was doing those at the time, I Love being on the Cutting Edge of a New Design or Style." 

Thank you for visiting!        Corinne Layton

So Victoriana was Born! When the 3 dimensional blueprints arrived for my approval, it was becoming real. Then the three dimensional Cottage prototype arrived prepainted, I really didn't like the painting at all, so I asked if I could Paint it, as I saw it, adding Gold Leaf throughout? So I did, and it was Spectacular! They ran a full page add in Victoria Magazine, along with the Brochures, and it was truly a Success! So much so, that, as you see in the top right corner, all of a sudden, Thomas Kinkade was now doing Victorian Cottages, with my same project manager, I could tell he didn't repaint the 1st prototype, so that made me Happy. In one of the Hawthorne Books, my Dove Cottage Appeared on the cover, And the whole series inside, next to Norman Rockwell, Thomas Kinkade, Charles Wysoki, Mayberry and I think McDonalds, so that was quite a Thrill! Thomas Kinkade died about 5 years ago, so I always remember what an inspiration he was to all of us in the Collectible Market! RIP Thomas! Scroll down to see a few more of the cottage Paintings, In the following pages you will see the 8 houses and Gazebo figurines.

Chapter I