My Rough Sketch for the Toy Shoppe before the Painting

Welcome to Victoriana's Gingerbread Mercantile & The Toy Shoppe. Actually Dove Chapel was next, but I have decided to save that for the Last Page of Victoriana, As we Celebrate Charles Coleridge & Felicity Bronson's Wedding, For more information, click the other Victoriana Pages at the top of the Page, May Cottage will give you the Beginning of the Concept, & Story, The next two Pages of Victoriana, will familiarize you with the Story of how this all came to be in the 90's, for Hawthorne Architectural Structures, a division of Bradford Exchange. It was during the middle of their development, that I had relocated to Arizona, after my Divorce from the 747 Captain, Bill. So it is also why the storyline didn't continue. As you can imagine life became quite Traumatic. I had Brunette Hair for about 5 yrs. back then. One of the articles I share in this is from the Last Collectible show in Rosemont Illinois, I drove from Sedona where I was living at the time,  with everything to set up the show, in my horse trailer, I had one friend to attend the Awards Banquet with, We had been friends since second Grade, so it was a special blessing to share lifelong dreams we had since childhood, now being fulfilled in our lives. I won the single booth award, so that was really special. I chose the lilac background for these two cottages, for my love and missing of Lilacs here in Arizona.  Blessings to you, Thankyou for Visiting Victoriana once again!      Corinne Layton

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Hawthorne's Architectural Renderings for the 3 Dimensional Designs

Single Booth Award at Rosemont Illinois, sorry don't remember who was giving me the award.  I had Dark Hair after my Divorce for about 5 Years. 45 - 50, Blonde since, 65 with dark hair wouldn't be good anymore. My x remarried about 18 years ago, I have been single for now 21 years, never dated, just live like a contemplative Artist, an odd kind of Nun! :)  Just one of those things in Life not how I planned ! The Lord has been eternally Faithful! He always makes me feel loved, just like when I was a Child on the Farm growing up Alone.                                                                               Thanks for checking in!                                  Love, Corinne Layton

Victoriana's Gingerbread Mercantile & The Toy Shoppe