My Artist Dolls Prototypes for series Two

My Artist Doll Kaitlyn Rose Prototype for Doll Two Colleen

Somehow with my continued Faith in the Lord, I believed inside I could do this, I could see it in the spirit! So my quest began, simultaneously with sculpting, I researched all the Antique Dolls, I had been using as Props in the Paintings & Plates. To be honest, I didn't know the difference in Antique Dolls from the Past, like Jumeau, Kestner etc, I studied the way they were designed, the leather bodies with gussets would give poseability, but I needed more, some way to make them Articulating, as the Manager had suggested. So in a Doll Hospital in Blaine, I found many answers. Especially the plastic articulating armature, which would make my dolls completely unique, & Articulating, I studied all the wonderful mohair & human hair wigs available, paperweight eyes, studied the firing process, how a shoulder plate like the Jumeau"s could allow the head to move.

The Olivia Plate Image spoken about

What a Shock this was to everyone, including me, My first attempt to sculpt a Doll. My Husband (at the time) Bill & I were on a trip to the UK, Touring England, Scotland & Wales, Fell in Love with The Cotswalds, & the Lake District, While spending the day at one of the wonderful Castle Bed & Breakfasts there, I came across a precious Doll Artist Collection of Dolls in a cabinet in the gift shop, One of the European Doll Artists, as they were just beginning to work their way into America. It was like one of those Epiphany Moments in Time! This was the Perfect direction to pursue, with the Print, Canvas & Collectible Plate Market. I was thoroughly Inspired.


My Artist Doll Prototypes for the Second Series

Some of my Artist Dolls

Orient Version of my Original Dolls for Series Two

With Prayer, I found it a Wonderful Experience to sculpt in Clay, it smelled so good, like newly dampened soil after a rain. After her face, head, shoulder plate, hands & feet were complete, I knew I would name her after an ingredient in the anointing oil, Cassia. After this Scripture;  Psalm 45 6-8 Thy Throne, O God is for Ever & Ever: All thy Garments smell of Myrrh, & Aloes, & Cassia, out of the Ivory Palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.  For as with everything else that has come to me Creatively , this was now another Gift from the Lord, that I would offer back to Him as Worship & Thanksgiving,  Cassia, with much study, was transformed from a block of clay to a fired porcelain Doll, she of course needed a Lace Dress & a wonderful Hat, so I made those, with her string of pearls she was ready to be presented at the Long Beach Collectible Show

My Artist Dolls Prototypes for the second Series

Somewhere in Time Original Oil by Corinne Layton

When we returned to America, I presented the 7th Image Olivia's Promise to the Bradford Exchange for their approval.   I spoke to the General Manager of the Company about my desire to sculpt a doll, He told me, "If you can create a doll that looks like this little girl, & have her articulating, I think you have something Ashton Drake would be interested in.

Cassia my Original Doll

The second Doll after Alicia Orient Version of my Artist Doll Kaitlyn Rose

Doll of the Year by Corinne Layton

My Artist Dolls Prototypes for series Two

Ashton Drake's Alicia, designed from Cassia, Doll of the Year


​​I should interject that my husband Bill, (at the time). a Northwest 747 Captain was flying 12 to 14 day Orient and European Trips at a time, The children were in their late teens, & very busy in their own projects, friends & lives. I had waited patiently for My Time after raising them fully & supporting Bill to reach the pinnacle of his career. So while the other pilot wives were playing Bridge & shopping, I was busy teaching Bible Studies, & Special Feature Chairman for Lafyette Bay Christian Woman's Club, Leading Womens Ministry in our Church, Loving the Lord! Still being the most Perfect Wife & Mother & Friend I could be.  Running Our Company, Portraits, Prints, Canvases, Collector Plates, Artist Dolls, & Doll series for Ashton Drake, Collectible Shows, Signings at Galleries throughout the Country, now I was asked to produce a Victorian Resin House Series for Hawthorne Architectural Structures, a division of Bradford Exchange, Life was Very Busy!

Corinne Layton


Cassia was a Big Hit! Ashton Drake asked if I would sign a new contract for her production! I agreed, after the Collectible Show, I worked to prepare her for production for Ashton Drake, They named her Alicia, see the following  Brochure , The Collectors, & dealers throughout, America, Canada, & Australia just loved her, she was selling really well, & we were on to Doll 2 & 3. We were at the South Bend Collectible Awards Gathering, when my name was announced, as Alicia had just won Doll of the Year, voted by the Limited Edition Dealers of America! I was stunned, so was Ashton Drake, as I wasn't expected to win! So now my Artist Doll World was Born, On the following page are some of the many Dolls created through the years, while that Market was strong, It Waned after being saturated, but I was so pleased to be on the cutting edge of the Doll Market in America! It was an Awesome Time in my Life!