Although their Courtship & Romance was never documented, you will have to use the Pigments of your own Imagination, to carry on the Story .

Creating Victoriana was a sheer Pleasure for me! As you can see from the paintings here & on the previous pages, it forced me to work small, to Design the Buildings, something I had not accomplished before. I normally Paint, Portraiture Lifesize and Sculpt relatively Large as well, so the pressure was minimal, I just needed to become an Architect! My Arabian Horse Salute I painted in pulling the carriage. Improvising my own designs from all the Victorian House Sources, then allowing my Imagination to run free, as long as they could be structurally viable was an amazing feat,

By now, Thomas Kinkade (God Rest His Soul) had noticed that my Victorian Cottages were coming out Really Exquisite. The next thing I knew was he had ceased his English Cottage theme & moved into what I was working on with the same project Manager. Quite Flattering, I Must Say!

At the top of the page on the right, you will see, My Wedding  Chapel was now featured on the Cover of Hawthornes Catalog & inside, With Amazing Artists work, as Norman Rockwell, Charles Wysocki, Hummel, Thomas Kinkade, Mayberry, & Mcdonalds, so it was quite a Thrill & Honor, So Thankful to the Lord for Wonderful Years as a Collectible Artist for Hawthorne Architectural Structures, Bradford Exchange with Plates, & Ashton Drake Gallery for the Dolls.

Victoriana's                                                         Wedding Chapel

Victoriana's               The Wedding Chapel.

  • Improvisation On A Theme ( Adapted From Pachelbel's Canon In D Major )12:00

Sincerely, Corinne Layton

The Perfect Time of Year for a Wedding in the Spring of Victoriana. A Grand Lilac Promenade for Our Couple, Charles & Felicity, you met them in Victoriana Rose Manor, a few pages back at the top of the Page.